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My Experience: Why I’m Choosing Community University

My Experience: Why I’m Choosing Community University

A year ago, me where I would be attending college next year, I would have named three or four high-ranked options, most of which were far away from my high school if you had asked. One thing is without a doubt, I would not have said we’d be planning to community college. I did so all of the plain things you’re likely to do I toured the schools on my list, got recommendations from teachers who liked me and turned the majority of my applications in early. But my admissions tale finished differently than I expected, and I also’m sharing my tale because I think it might be able to help others who haven’t put on college yet.

My Stats

Once I applied to university, I’d a 3.7 unweighted GPA and a 4.2 weighted. My SAT score that is super a 1280. Year i had taken four AP classes and planned two more for my senior. I was a known member of National Honor community and Key Club, and was the supervisor of my college’s soccer team. I was additionally active in operating 5Ks on the weekends.

We placed on university being an undecided major, and had four schools on my list: University of South Carolina, Tulane, new york State and Elon University.

We felt good about my list because my buddy had comparable stats to me and had put on these schools (plus two others) many years ago and found myself in them all. My parents consented that this is a good plan. I knew I had a somewhat reduced chance at Tulane compared to the other people, but my d Continue reading My Experience: Why I’m Choosing Community University